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Autism Spectrum, Emotional Disability, Developmental Disability, Special Education

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Special education teachers, regular education inclusion teachers, aides, paraprofessionals, administration, and

A daily private log for documenting special education compliance in the event of due process litigation





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Special Educator's Documentation Journal-a critical daily private log

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This form is essential for all those who work with special needs children, families and school systems! Are you aware that School Law changes all the time? New Special Education court cases, along with appeals, continue to challenge existing laws. All who work in Special Education need to insure compliance, however, at times the term "compliance", can and is interpreted differently at all levels.

You can easily safeguard your compliance by documenting incidents that occur in your classroom or school. With the ever increasing need for special educators to keep a documentation journal this interactive form is essential. The Special Educators Documentation Journal, makes the task of recording your observations faster and easier.

By using the interactive form you are less likely to forget to document critical information, especially in an emotionally aroused state. Or if you are filling out your journal late at night, the carefully selected categories help to trigger your recall for the days events.

Using this form enables you to organize your documentation any way you choose! In addition, by keeping your records on the computer you are able to perform a quick-search for a particular incident, person, or by date, at anytime should you be called upon in the event of a due process hearing.

Save time, money and away with all those notebook logs!

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